Patient Testimonials

"For the past 15 years, my oral health has been in the care of Dr. Chad LaCour and his staff. While the cleanings and other simple procedures were of A+ service, I really “Got my Smile” when Dr. LaCour replaced my 40-year-old dentistry with veneers. Dr. LaCour and his staff reassured me that the new veneers would do more than just improve my oral health, it would improve my smile as well. When the doctor and staff took the time to fully explain the pros and cons of what a new veneers would do, I just knew he was the best for the job. I was in temporaries for less than two weeks. Once my new cosmetic veneers were delivered, I was thoroughly impressed that they did exactly what they said they would. I still can’t stop smiling! I will forever be thankful to Dr. LaCour and his outstanding team for incredible attitudes, efficiency, and great customer satisfaction."

- Regina T.

"I have consistently received top of the line care from both Dr. LaCour and his staff for almost ten years. They have always made sure to put my needs first. Anytime a procedure needs to be done, Dr. LaCour always makes time to explain what and why I need the following procedures. I feel that any doctor that takes the time to do that, is the doctor that I want to help me. Thanks to him and his amazing staff, I now have the smile I’ve always wanted. Although it’s been four years since I had to work done, I still receive compliments almost on a daily basis. So if you are looking for a kind, caring, and professional dental office, Dr. Chad LaCour and his staff should be your next stop."

- Tommie R.

"My family and I have been established patients of Dr. LaCour’s practice for three years now. We are continuously humbled by the friendly staff and genuine care we receive by Dr. LaCour at each appointment. If you are looking for a dental practice that meets all of your needs, yet still providing a comfortable atmosphere for you and your family, then look no further."

- Greg A.

"From the hygiene visits to the cosmetic work, my family and I have been thoroughly impressed with the dentistry Dr. LaCour and his staff have provided for the past six 
years. Their ability to make you feel comfortable while accommodating excellent dental care at all times is why I will continue to be a patient. I highly recommend you pay them a visit if you haven’t already." 

- Mike T.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Chad LaCour for 15 years.  The personal touch that his office provides goes a long way, as I feel that I am more than just another patient.  I feel that I am a part of their family.  Over the years I have had every procedure from basic cleanings, to major dental work.  One Saturday, I had a temporary veneer break.  Unfortunately it was the day of my friend’s wedding that I was attending.  The emergency call on a weekend went above and beyond my expectations. He stopped what he was doing and made time that afternoon to have my front tooth repaired.  I was able to go to my event and smile with incredible confidence.  Thank you Dr. Chad and your entire staff for your prompt and personal attention during every visit. I will continue to recommend you as a preferred dentist, and of course….my great smile is proof that you are amazing at what you do!!"
Mike D.

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