Custom Restorative Dentistry to Repair Your Smile

Tooth-colored Bonded Restorations

Fillings are the most common treatment for cavities, and they can prevent further dental damage. When placing your bonded restoration, Dr. Chad LaCour will clean out your tooth to remove any remaining bacteria. The bonded restoration itself will strengthen your tooth and reduce your risk for cracks or fractures. Dr. LaCour only uses tooth-colored filling materials. Porcelain and composite will match your smile, and they will not change color over time. Additionally, these materials will create a stronger bond with your tooth than metal fillings.

Dental Crowns

A tooth-shaped dental crown will fit directly on top of your damaged tooth. Dr. LaCour may recommend a crown to restore a weakened tooth, cover a large cavity, or improve the force of your bite. We work with an outstanding dental lab that can fabricate your crown from a variety of materials. Choices include porcelain-fused-to-metal, all-porcelain, zirconia, IPS e.max®, and IPS Empress®. 

Dental Bridges

If you are missing one or more teeth, Dr. LaCour can fill in the gap with a custom-designed bridge. Bridges are made of several crowns fused together to create a single unit. Like our crowns, your bridge will be carefully crafted to match your smile. You can also choose from the same lifelike materials that our lab uses to create crowns. In most cases, it will be two weeks before you receive your bridge. A temporary bridge will allow you to eat with relatively few modifications during this time. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants are another option if you need to replace one or more missing teeth. Dr. LaCour will place these small metal posts in your jawbone where they will take the place of your dental roots. After you have healed, he can attach a crown, bridge, or even a full denture. Dr. LaCour will use state-of-the-art digital imaging to examine your jawbone. With these images, he can determine the strongest positions for your implants. He can also perform preparatory treatments, including bone and tissue grafts. 

Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you have severe dental damage, multiple compromised teeth, or a large number of missing teeth, consider full mouth reconstruction. You and Dr. LaCour will work together to choose several restorative procedures that meet your needs. Your options include any of the treatments listed above, as well as certain general dentistry procedures or cosmetic treatments. Dr. LaCour will use advanced technology to speed your healing. He can also provide various types of sedation to ensure your comfort.

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